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Rails with AngularJS: Frontend Setup

Previously, we have setup basic configuration as a starting point of our rails app. If you haven't read it yet, you can find it here "Rails with AngularJS:Beginning"

Rails with AngularJS: Beginning

Earlier this month I posted "Why Rails and AngularJS Kick-Ass", And I owe you guys a demo. I'm planning to write a series of tutorials on how to make Ruby on Rails and AngularJS play nice together. We will be building a simple "contactlist" app from the ground up.

Why Rails and AngularJS is Kick-Ass

I'm currently working on an app that I planned to be in multi-platform. Users should be able to use the app with a browser or a native mobile app. I knew it then that I will be creating a RESTFUL API. A ruby on rails backend that will render JSON responses.

Another Attempt at Blogging with Jekyll

I have too much failed attempts at blogging from wordpress to tumblr, and countless others. They were great softwares and have great features but none of them fit the mold. I need something simple, something in that has less updates and less vulnerabilities. And yet something efficient and most of all free from those hosting fees.